Ganglion Cyst Treatment in Suffolk

Ganglion Cyst Treatment in Suffolk

A smooth swelling of thick, jelly-like material called synovial fluid. Usually found near joints or tendons – synovial fluid lubricates joints during movement – a ganglion cyst is often found on the wrist or hand, but can also be found on the top of the foot.

Ganglion comes from the Greek for knot, and describes the knot-like mass that forms under the surface of the skin.

A ganglion cyst may make it difficult to wear shoes.

  • Symptoms
    • A smooth round lump (from the size of a pea up to a golf ball)
    • If the cyst is touching a nerve it may feel painful or tingly
    • If it’s pressing against the tendon or joint there may be a dull pain
  • Causes

    Although they may occur as the result of a trauma, the exact cause of ganglions is unknown, and in most circumstances, there is no obvious cause.

  • Treatments Non-Surgical

    If the ganglion cyst does not cause pain or affect the movement in the joint, it should be monitored but no treatment is necessary. In time it may shrink, or disappear completely.

    If the cyst is monitored, wearing shoes that don’t cause irritation is advised. Additionally, a pad inside the shoe can help to reduce the pressure exerted on the cyst.

    The main non-surgical treatment to remove a cyst is aspiration. This involves the removal of the fluid using a needle and syringe. Steroid medication may be injected into the area to prevent the ganglion from returning, but this is not always successful and in many cases the cyst returns.

  • Treatments Surgical

    Surgery can be undertaken when other treatments fail. The most successful treatment for ganglion cysts, recurrence is much less common following surgery.

    Open Surgery – a medium sized incision is made over the area, and the cyst is cut out, along with its capsule or stalk.

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