Midfoot arthritis Treatment in Suffolk

Midfoot arthritis Treatment in Suffolk

The midfoot is defined as the section of foot between the Chopart joint in front of and below the ankle, and the base of the metatarsal bones (Lisfranc joint). The area contains five bones, which are interconnected by joints, and also connected to the hindfoot and forefoot by further joints. Arthritis in the midfoot area can cause pain and swelling, or even a change in the foot’s shape.

  • Symptoms
    • Sharp or burning pain, especially when walking or undertaking a sporting activity
    • Aching in the middle of the foot
    • Swelling on the top of the foot
    • Loss of the foot’s arch
  • Causes

    There are two main causes of arthritis in the midfoot – post-traumatic or rheumatoid arthritis.

    Following an injury, the joint may be damaged making it susceptible to osteoarthritis, putting strain on the middle part of the foot, which can lead to pain. A long-standing bunion may also have the same result.

    Midfoot arthritis may also occur because of rheumatoid arthritis –  a disease where the immune system attacks cells lining joints, making them stiff and inflamed.

  • Treatments Non-Surgical

    Limiting the activities that cause pain, and taking anti-inflammatory painkillers may help to reduce discomfort, while orthotics can correct abnormal foot biomechanics.

    The best therapy could be to choose stiff soled or rocker bottom shoes that can take the take the strain off painful joints, as they are subsequently required to bend less.

    Injection therapy with Hyaluronic acid may also be considered.

  • Treatments Surgical

    Surgery can also be undertaken to remove bony spurs, although this may not reduce deep joint pain

    Fusion – Very often a successful procedure, surgical fusion involves joining the joints together using plates or staples. The joint remains stiff, but the pain is greatly reduced.

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