Morton’s Neuroma Treatment in Suffolk

Morton’s Neuroma Treatment in Suffolk

Morton's metatarsalgia, intermetatarsal neuroma

The thickening of a nerve between the toes (usually between the third and fourth digits) Morton’s Neuroma can cause severe pain. Although it can affect anyone of any age, it is especially prevalent in middle-aged women and athletes.

  • Symptoms
    • Tingling between your toes
    • Shooting or burning pain under the ball of the foot and between the toes
    • A feeling of having a stone in the shoe
  • Causes

    Morton’s neuroma occurs as a result of the nerve being squashed, stretched or damaged. As the nerve becomes irritated it becomes thicker, which causes the pain.

    The nerve can be irritated by wearing tight shoes such as high heels, or through physical activities that aggravate the ball of the foot, such as running.

    Other underlying foot problems such as flat feet, high arches, bunions and hammer toes could also result in a neuroma.

  • Treatments Non-Surgical

    Resting the foot and massaging the toes can help to relieve the pain, as can anti-inflammatory painkillers and ice, which can also help to reduce any inflammation. Cortisone injections may also provide some pain relief.

    Orthotic devices and comfortable footwear can also help ease the pressure on the nerve, as can avoiding activities that cause irritation. Weight loss could be another way to reduce the strain put on the foot.

  • Treatments Surgical

    Surgery may be an option when other treatments fail to provide relief.

    Neurectomy – part of the nerve tissue is removed.

    Decompression surgery – ligaments and other structures around the nerve are cut, relieving pressure on the nerve.

    Cryogenic surgery – a relatively new procedure, the nerve tissue is destroyed by inserting a probe into the foot and subjecting it to freezing temperatures. This procedure is not widely available.

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