My two scarf osteotomies (24.01.13 and 10.07.13)  went so well. Left foot (Jan op) is completely back  to normal. Right foot (July op -now 11 weeks post-op with 4 weeks in plaster cast) feeling and looking good with almost full flexibility, just a little swelling and tightness. I’m keeping up with the exercises! Special thanks to: Mr Halford for his quiet and thorough expertise Dawn, for her friendliness and infectious smile Anna, for her dedication and obvious love of podiatry Ali, for her kindness and helpfulness Craig, for keeping me amused during the second op with memories of Norwich Lin, the receptionist, who was the helpful and friendly go-between, and often forgotten also to those whose names escape me but who all assisted with the procedures and for your kind consideration in allowing me to watch my op in July.

Linda Fitch

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